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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Paid first Instalment of Fees

Today, I paid the first Instalment of the Fees through Wire Transfer from India. I need to check it up with the Admin staff whether they have received the payment.

Took Forex as well, this whole process consumed entire day. But all is well that ends well.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Last Few Days before embarking on the Journey

I was just thinking today morning that I am now left with very few days before I embark on this Journey on 24th April night.

Many of my friends (with whom I started apping for B-schools together) have joined ISB today and were very excited about there tenure at ISB. I briefly chatted with two of my colleagues who were very happy with the facilities provided at ISB.

I am eagerly waiting for my turn of experience at Queen's. Would it be as good as described by students at ISB? Would it be better than that or just the same or....?

Time will unfold all the experiences it is withholding right now. So unravel the MBA experience with me at Queen's School of Business.

See you in couple of days from Queen's.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Issues still remaining

Some issues are still remaining that needs to be taken care off before flying and some issues will be settled after reaching Kingston.

1) Accommodation at Kingston remains the biggest issue so far. This will be taken care after reaching Kingston only.
2) First Instalment of fees to be wire transferred. Will do this on 18th April.
3) Two out of four tasks remains to be completed. These tasks were sent by Queens University.
4) Need to study the course book that has been sent to me by the university.

Update after a long time

Updating the blog after an almost months gap. Lot of things were happening during this time.

I have booked my tickets for travel to Kingston for 25th April. So my date is set for embarking on this journey, preparation for which was started last year.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Next Issue-----Air Tickets

I have been looking at the prices of the tickets available of different air lines. Of all the available options, I am tilting more towards the Lufthansa cause the time it lands at Toronto suits me perfectly to take the coach Canada to Kingston.

More over, there is not much to chose between British Airways and Lufthansa in the price wise difference.

I am not liking to fly Air India cause of many reviews of the people who travelled on Air India.

I do hope that I would be getting the same lowest fare for Lufthansa on the 3rd March (date I am looking to book the flight)

Next thing to Sort out

I have been, during the time I had applied for Visa, scouting for a decent apartment at Kingston.
The search of the house hinged on two most important priorities.
1) Distance from the house to the Goodes Hall (where our classes will be held) should be the minimum.
2) The house should have Laundry available.

I am quite happy that I have been successful (with the help of my friend of course) at locating a house that is just more than perfect for me and my two other room mates to stay. It is just 2 min of walk to the Goodes Hall (may be 300-400 meters), and second is that it has Laundry facility also (though shared with the house owner), plus it comes in as a furnished one (so we will not need to spend any penny on furnishing the house).

Now the point is that I have to make a payment to book this house. I will be speaking with the owner of the house to see what can be arranged.

Update after a long time

I had run into a brief problem with my Visa, which was issued to me with an expiry date of Feb 2008 while my course end date is May 2008. I had to re-approach the VFS folks to get this corrected. Now it stands till the course end date and not usual 3 months of extra time of stay in Canada. Lookslike the officer who handled my case was very strict to the end dates of the course or did I goof up in my application somewhere. God or the officer only knows and I have no means to know this or argue with the officer to give me another 3 months of stay.

At least with this date, I can now complete my course and head back to my country.